Metric Bike Services
Indian Motorcycle Des Moines
1500 E Army Post Rd
Des Moines, IA

Service Description


OIL CHANGE– $42.95 + parts*

Price Range with parts =$75.00 – $110.00

FULL SERVICE– $85.00 + parts*

Price Range with parts = $115.00 – $160.00

Service Includes: Oil Change, Rear End Oil Change (Shaft drive Models), Check Brake Pad/Shoe wear, Adjust Brake Levers/Pedals play, Check Clutch Free Play, Check and Lube Cables, Check Tire Depth, Check and Adjust Tire Pressure**, Check, Adjust and Lube Drive Chain.

PREMIUM SERVICE– $129.95 + parts*

Price Range with parts = $170.00 – $205.00

Service Includes: Full Service, Check Turn Signals, Check Head Lights (High & Low Beam), Check Horn, Check & Fill Clutch Fluid, Check & Fill Brake Fluid, Inspect & Lube Side Stand and Switch, Check All Critical Fasteners, Check & Top off Radiator Coolant(when accessable without bike teardown), Inspect & Tighten Battery Terminal Connectors, Inspect Rotors for Min. Thickness, Inspect Wheel & Spokes, Inspect Suspension for any leaks, Road Test

PLATINUM Service– $164.95 + parts

Price Range with parts = $205.00 – $255.00

Service Includes: PREMIUM Service, Inspect & Clean Air Filter, Change Spark Plugs, Inspect Fuel Lines & fittings, Check Engine Idle Speed, Check Battery Voltage, Inspect Cables and Line ran under Fuel Tank, Inspect Thorttle Body/Carb for Leaks, Inspect Fuel Pump for Deterioration and Leaks, Inspect Throttle Operation and safety, Check Controls/Cable do not stop bar rotation, Check Steering Stem Bearings (attempt to move forks side-to-side)


Chrome wheel weights $2.00 per wheel

Off Bike Tire Change & Balance– $32.95**

Sport Bike

Front– $47.95**

Rear– $47.95**

Small/Medium Cruiser (700cc or less)

Front– $47.95**

Rear– $52.95** (add $15 for Shaft Drive Models)

Large/Medium Cruiser (750cc or more)

Front– $54.95**

Rear– $59.95** (add $15 for Shaft Drive Models)

Goldwing, Voyager or Other Larger Touring Bikes

Done by Hourly Rate

*– EXTRA Cost for Upgrades to Premium/Synthetic Oil or Filter

*– EXTRA cost on Models with Difficult to Reach Oil Filters

**– Price with tire purchase does NOT include $2 tire disposal fee. Optional NITROGEN Fill Available @ $7.95/tire

– Extra Charge may be added for any issue that may slow down service. Issues may include but not limited to: Chrome bolt covers, Luggage Brackets, Exhaust in the way, exhaust brackets, Seized hardware, Seized Axles Broken bolts,Corrosion on wheel causing bead sealing issues, Fix-A-Flat Clean Up, Corrosion or Rust build up on wheel or bike.