Harley Davidson services
Indian Motorcycle Des Moines
1500 E Army Post Rd
Des Moines, IA

Service Description

Harley-Davidson Services:

1,000 Mile Service– $185 + Parts
5,000/10,000 Mile Services– $185 + Parts
20,000 Mile Service on 2000 or Older– $255 + Parts

Oil Changes

Engine only– $42.95* + Parts

Engine/Trans/Primary Oil– $85* + Parts

Exhaust Installs:

Slip-on Mufflers– Starting @ $85

Single Side Exhaust Systems– Starting @ $130

Dual Exhaust Systems– Starting @ $175

Tire Changes:

Off Bike Tire Change & Balance– $32.95*

Baggers/Touring Models– Front $59.95* Rear $79.95*

Softtails– Front $59.95* Rear $79.95*

Sportsters– Front $54.95* Rear $64.95*

VROD– Front $54.95* Rear $69.95*

Dyna’s– Front $59.95* Rear $69.95*

Tire Change Prices Include: Electronic Spin Balance and standard wheel weights that may be needed for balancing.

Chrome wheel weights $2.00 per wheel.

Spoke Wheels Require New Inner Tube NOT INCLUDED in any pricing.

NITROGEN fill for tires $7.95/Tire

* Price includes tire purchase discount– Extra Charge for any issue that may slow down service. Issues may include but not limited to: Chrome bolt covers, Luggage Brackets, Exhaust in the way, exhaust brackets, Seized hardware, Seized Axles Broken bolts,Corrosion on wheel causing bead sealing issues, Fix-A-Flat Clean Up, Corrosion or Rust build up on wheel or bike. ADD $2 for Tire Disposal Fee.